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Parking Lot Accident Camdenton Near Lake of the Ozarks

According to the National Safety Council, 1 in 5 accidents occur in a parking lot, and 2 out of 3 drivers are distracted in parking lots. Here are ways to avoid joining that statistic and risking your car insurance premiums increasing over such a minor incident.

Water Dripping Could Damage Home

Nothing is more frustrating than coming home after a weekend away and realizing that you've had a water leak in your house. Follow these tips to help the water in your pipes, stay in your pipes.

Boat Dock at Lake of the Ozarks

Boating is a huge part of the culture here at the Lake of the Ozarks. Find out how a boat slip can make boating much more enjoyable as well as how to find a slip of your own.

As night turns to day more quickly, here are some ways you can use your home's lighting to keep it secure.

CMS has awarded agent Nick Cofield with entry into the Marketplace Circle of Champions.